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Bloody Mary (Chicken Liver & Horseradish Vodka Pâté) 450g

We marvel at some of our flavour combinations, sometimes we know they're just shear genius. Chicken liver with Godminster Horseradish Vodka & Halen Môn Celery Salt with a touch of tomato is definitely one of the most genius.

Chicken Liver Pâté with Elderflower Vodka 450g

We feel at Patchwork Pâté that the arrival of this pâté is the start of summer. We have an elderflower tree in the garden at the back of our kitchens and we know that it's time to make this pâté when this tree is laden with flowers and there’s is a heady scent in the garden – summer has arrived.

Festive Duck (Duck Liver, Brandied Fruits & Pecan Pâté) 450g

How do you make a duck festive? Feeding it with all those dried fruits, candied peels and pecan nuts that you find in a Christmas pudding won’t do the job unless you’ve soaked them in brandy first, so that’s what we do. Making all the fruit plump with alcoholic infusion, actually its enough to make anyone festive let alone the duck!

Rabbit & Rhubarb Pâté (Rabbit, Chicken Liver and Rhubarb Vodka)450g

The story behind this pâté is so unreal we’re not even going to try and start to try and explain it. Suffice to say it involves alliteration and a sudden influx of rhubarb into our lives, which became this regular spring Limited Edition.

Smoked Summer Trout Pâté with Sunblushed Tomatade 450g

The trout for this pâté are line caught in fishing competitions throughout the reservoirs of North Wales. They are then taken to the Isle of Anglesey where they are lightly smoked over oak chips from storm damaged oak trees. We then take the trout and combine them with a rich tapenade made with sun-blush tomatoes, olives and capers to make this fabulous robust flavoured fish pâté.

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Meat, Music & Mayhem
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“Grillstock is a rowdy weekend festival of meat, music & mayhem where thousands of smokin’ fans now join us annually to enjoy our Southern style hospitality.” Jon & Ben Grillstock founders.
Our Show Schedule
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We're always out and about so if you're thinking of attending one of these events; come and find us!

Come and say hello, eat some yummy paté samples and enter our prize draw at each show to be in with a chance of winning a fabulous hamper of Patchwork goodies!